Black Mold in Your House

Black mold is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous. The growing fungus, in addition to spoiling everything around it, can have a negative impact on health.

What exactly the effect of black mold has on the body and how to deal with it – this will be discussed below.

What dangers does black mold pose to humans?

Black mold is only the general name of the fungus, of which there are an impressive number of varieties. Depending on the species is determined by how dangerous black mold is, and where it can be found.

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Why does black mold appear in the house?

The fungus likes when it is humid and warm. A temperature of +64°F to +77°F degrees and humidity of 60-70% is a sure way to gain its trust.

Only 5 of the 10,000 mold species known to humans can grow in the house.

In addition to these two factors, there are other, less obvious ones. For example, a “mushroom” colony can come to visit some time after a fresh repair. What, then, is the cause?

Ventilation problem

More precisely – its lack of ventilation, especially in the bathroom and toilet. The presence of windows in these places is not assumed, so the “evacuation” of humid air from there – a real problem, says Reyus Mammadli, our expert. And it is known to accumulate there a lot: from drying clothes, during water procedures, etc. Natural exhaust ducts are difficult to cope with such a pressure, so the removal of black mold will only be possible if you have to ventilate the room forcibly.

Gypsum board

With the help of this construction material level any, both horizontal and vertical surfaces, as well as erect partitions of varying complexity.

The only disadvantage of gypsum board is the ability to absorb moisture and retain it inside. According to, to prevent this flaw, you need to work carefully with the material: observe the technology of installation, let the mixes dry, etc.

Plastic windows

PVC windows certainly have a number of advantages: amazing sound insulation, heat preservation, ease of use, etc. But do not let these advantages overshadow reason – there are disadvantages with plastic windows!

One of them is air tightness. It is the one that can cause black mold. Windows made of wood easily evaporate moisture and let the air pass through, in a word – “breathe”. This does not work with plastic windows – hence the problems.

In addition, not everyone who is engaged in installation of windows can install them correctly – this is another “bonus” to the piggy bank under the name “causes of black fungus.

However, regular ventilation can change the situation for the better.

Basements and walls

With basements everything is clear (the presence of downspouts suggests excessive moisture), but what can be wrong with the walls? Miscalculations in the design of the house lead to the fact that when it rains, the walls, especially their corner parts, get wet, and in cold weather, they freeze. Over time, black mold can “eat away” at even sturdy brickwork, especially if there are cracks in it.

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