Black mold in a shower: what you can do?

Black mold can often be found in the shower, where there is high humidity and for this fungus is quite favorable conditions for the emergence and spread.

The bathroom is always very humid. The temperature changes frequently there, e.g. after showering. This causes condensation to build up on the various surfaces and walls of the shower enclosure itself. Air rarely gets in because the doors are often closed. 

Black mold occurs in these very conditions. It looks like black spots or streaks attacking all surfaces in the room. Microorganisms infect not only the plastic from which most shower stalls are made, but even the wooden floor on which it can stand.

What to do with mold in the shower

The emergence of an unpleasant odor is the first sign of black fungus. As soon as it is detected, mold control should begin immediately. Treatment of the shower stall will not hurt even if there is not yet a black deposit on the walls. The process of mold removal stalls open and closed type is different.

Removing black mold without disassembling the shower

If the design is open, you do not need to disassemble it for cleaning, says Reyus Mammadli. The entire procedure is divided into two steps:

  • Eliminating sources of permanent moisture. In the first place it is worth checking whether the pipes are flowing, quite often they are the cause of moisture. If there is a washing machine in the bathroom, make sure it does not leak.
  • Cleaning with antifungal preparations. If there is no special liquid at hand, an ordinary bleach or anti-mold chemicals will do. The selected remedy should be mixed with water in a ratio of 1:10.
  • Tiles that have been infected, you can wipe off mold by the following method: remove it, remove plaster with black stains, and treat the entire area of infection with a special solution.

During treatment with agents against mold, you need to protect your hands, nose and mouth, using rubber gloves and a mask to avoid irritation of the skin and mucous membranes.

Black Mold Removal with Disassembly

Structures of the closed type will have to take more time to eliminate the fungus. The space in such a stall is sealed along the entire perimeter. Tightness is achieved by special cords, on which most often and water accumulates. Such places are most susceptible to the formation of mold. In order to remove it, the stall will have to be disassembled.

If mold has taken up not too much space of the stall, you can try to remove the dark places only in those areas where it is, and then conduct disinfection. But if after all the measures taken, mold repeatedly reappears, you will have to dismantle the shower stall. This process does not require any special skills, it is enough to remove the doors, disassemble the walls, remove the lid (if any) and move the tray. The next step is to get rid of excess sealant seams. After these operations, treat all areas infested with fungus.

Dismantling the stall takes a long time. But if this is not taken up, even after cleaning other surfaces, the fungus will remind of its presence, mentions

How to get rid of black mold at home

Proceeding to the cleaning of the shower cabin from black mold, it is necessary to intelligently select the means. They can be purchased in the store ready-made, but if there is no such a possibility, folk methods will always come to the rescue.

Folk methods to combat black mold

In order to get rid of mold at home, you can use:

  • Copper sulfate. This drug should be applied carefully, strictly following the proportions indicated in the instructions. Even wood is treated with it. Dilute the vitriol depending on the size and type of the treated surface.
  • Juice of fresh lemon or citric acid. Such a product is good for disinfecting and cleaning any surfaces. It will leave a fresh and pleasant scent after cleaning.
  • Alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. If the shower stall is made of plastic, ammonia mixed with water will help to quickly remove fungus. Hydrogen peroxide is also good in this case. The substances will not cause any harm to the treated surfaces.
  • Borax. Will clean the fungus and prevent the subsequent appearance of mold.
  • Alcohol vinegar. Applied to the surface with a sprayer and will not rinse off.
  • Tea tree oil. Before applying the oil, it is mixed with water: 2 tsp. of the product to 2 cups of water.
  • Household soda. The affected surface is treated with a sprayer with a solution of 2 cups of water and 1 tbsp. soda. The liquid after application rubs well into the surface, using a stiff brush, and after half an hour, rinse everything off well with warm water. To the baking soda with water, you can also add 1 tbsp. salt, which due to its abrasive properties will better clean the surface.

Folk methods can be alternated. If a small area is infested with mold, it should help. Home remedies are also good for prevention – regularly wipe the stall with them, and then the fungus will not appear.

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In complicated cases, when the spores have spread to large areas, folk methods will probably no longer help. Then it is better to buy ready-made remedies.

Black mold control chemicals

To be guaranteed to get rid of the harmful breeding ground of mold in the shower stall, you need to buy one of the special means. They often contain chlorine and other caustic ingredients that effectively fight mold.

Here are some such remedies for fighting black mold in the home:


If the described remedies to combat the mold problem are not on the shelves of the store, you can buy their analogues.

Whichever substance you choose, the main thing is to ensure that the fungus is completely cleaned. If after a while it appears again, use another method.

Causes of mold and fungus in the shower

The very fact of taking water procedures already affects the emergence of mold. Inside the shower cubicle, when it is not in use, it should always be dry. So after you wash – wipe the walls, and leave the door open. The bathroom itself should also be well ventilated.

Start fighting the fungus should be after you have figured out what causes it to appear. The causes may be as follows:

  • Poor ventilation of the room. Only constant fresh air prevents the appearance of mold.
  • The appearance of abundant condensation. Too frequent temperature fluctuations cause water droplets, due to which the surface is exposed to black mold infestation.
  • Water accumulation. Remains of the liquid can be in the joints of the joints of parts of the cabin. From there, it is better to wash it off, so it does not affect the appearance of fungus.

If you do not eliminate the cause, the cabin will retain an environment that is comfortable for the spread of fungal spores. And then the fight against mold will be useless.

Prevention of black mold

In the bathtub mold multiplies quickly. If you’re tired of constantly fighting it, the best way to make your life easier is prevention, according to Preventing black mold is easier than removing it later.

Here are some ways:

  • Doing a thorough cleaning once a week is enough. Once a month you should treat with antifungal agents. Particular attention should be paid to surfaces, it is good to see if water stagnates on them.
  • Every shower, if possible, it is better to finish wiping the walls and doors of the shower to dry. A few times a week to take preventive care of watertight seams in a similar manner. They fall into a special risk zone for fungal infections.
  • The old layer of sealant must be periodically removed and replaced with a new one.
  • At least once a week, leave the bathroom door open for several hours. This is to prevent air from stagnating in it and mold buildup.
  • If there is a window in the bathroom, you should not close it at night, so that the rays of light can penetrate into the room. Darkness is the best condition for mold.

Mold in the shower stall is an extremely unpleasant problem, as its removal can be time-consuming and costly. To prevent it, you should clean up water residue as often as possible after using the shower. Keep your walls and ceiling clean and moist, and treat them regularly with anti-fungal products.


I enjoy acquiring knowledge and sharing it. I am a long-time health advisor and blogger for over 12 years. Understanding the dangers of black mold to people, I felt it necessary to share with readers the basics of fighting and preventing black mold in homes and other living spaces.

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