Black Mold In The Attic: How To Get Rid Of

The appearance of attic black mold is so natural that it hardly surprises anyone. However, the importance of finding mold in the attic and removing it is a serious, complex process that cannot be ignored.

Mildew in the attic forms when harmful fungi multiply. Where does mold in the attic come from? The main cause of this problem is excessive moisture. Excess moisture comes from poor ventilation or insulating the room from rain and snow.

What is the danger of black mold in the attic

Here are a number of negative consequences of the problem:

  • Unpleasant damp smell, a general deterioration of the microclimate of the living space;
  • Destruction of the structure of the structure (rotting wood);
  • threat to human health (do not underestimate the consequences of mold: it causes exhaustion, dizziness, nausea, etc.)
  • damage to property stored in the attic.

Black mold in the attic: what to do?

If mold has already formed, it must be eliminated. White mold can be destroyed by yourself. You will need to:

  • soak the areas;
  • disinfect the fungus with special preparations;
  • remove mold with a metal brush;
  • use a protective coating.

If the black mold stage has arrived, you often have to completely replace the boards of the structure, or call a maintenance service for professional help.

In order not to have to solve the question of “how to remove black mold from an attic,” you need to take care of quality ventilation.

Ventilation of the attic can be organized with the help of:

Information provided by
  • mechanical electric fans;
  • Devices that accumulate solar energy.

The first option has disadvantages such as dependence on the electric network (hence the cost of paying for electricity) and the complexity of installing the system.

How to remove mold from the attic permanently with solar energy

Where does mold in the attic come from, we figured out. To solve the problem requires the organization of quality ventilation. Is it possible to implement a system that does not require operating costs? Yes, it is.

Using solar energy to ventilate the room is popular not only in the United States, but also in Europe and Asia. The devices require only one-time costs – when purchased and installed.

The accumulation and transformation of sunlight is possible in any region and at any time of year. resumes, that you no longer have to wonder, “if mold appears in the attic, what will I do?” Protecting your home with the least expensive way to date from a nuisance like mold in the attic is possible and affordable.

Preventing black mold from developing in your attic

In spite of a perfectly executed water vapor extraction system, especially when a room is used for cooking or drying, preventive measures must be taken:

  1. Ventilating the attic or loft.
  2. treatment with special antiseptic products.

After treatment it is worth remembering that the premises must be thoroughly ventilated.

The loft or attic must be not only beautiful, but also safe for health.


I enjoy acquiring knowledge and sharing it. I am a long-time health advisor and blogger for over 12 years. Understanding the dangers of black mold to people, I felt it necessary to share with readers the basics of fighting and preventing black mold in homes and other living spaces.

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