Black mold on the ceiling in the apartment and home: how to remove

Black mold on the ceiling is easy to spot, but not easy to get rid of. Here's a look at the most effective ways to combat ceiling mold.

No building has 100% protection against the invasion of fungus without proper treatment with special products. How you can most effectively get rid of mold on the ceiling and the causes of its appearance, we will consider in this article.

Why mold appears on the ceiling

Mold on the ceiling, in the first place, is associated with the presence of moisture in the room. Starting to germinate in the apartment, chooses the bathroom or corner walls leading to the street. This is due to the high humidity in these areas. There are also hidden places in the apartment, where mold appears between the drywall and the ceiling, and it is not so easy to detect this problem. Such a manifestation of mold, in many cases, indicates poor ventilation, damage to sewer pipes, the appearance of condensation on the walls during rapid changes in room temperature, poor condition of the roof.

The main visible factor of fungus on the ceiling in the bathroom and in the apartment, is the appearance of dark spots, which come in different shades, depending on the type of microorganisms. Also in large apartment buildings there is a problem of “last floor disease,” when mold on the ceiling, can appear in any room, where the cause may be the condition of the roof. When mold appears on the ceiling, it is necessary to take immediate action to eliminate it, as the fungal infection quickly spreads and increases in area. Such a manifestation of unwanted fungal infestation is very difficult to remove and requires a special approach. Therefore, it is unacceptable to bring the situation to a critical point – it is recommended to carry out timely preventive work. What conditions contribute to the appearance of mold in the house on the ceiling and in the apartment:

  1. Humidity in the room. The emerged problem area on the ceiling and walls of the apartment, their appearance is due to the constant presence of moisture on the surface. Spores that breed fungus can provoke frequent lung infections, complex types of allergies. Places of likely occurrence are bathrooms, kitchens.
  2. Lack of proper ventilation. The main factor in the appearance of humidity is poor air circulation in the room. To increase air ventilation use artificial creation of a draught, installation under the problem area heaters, fans. For the emergence of fungal infection in the apartment humidity in the room should be more than 78%. Reducing the percentage of humidity artificially can prevent its spread, but not clean the walls and problem areas from harmful microorganisms.
  3. Freezing. In the winter period increased humidity on the walls also causes unpleasant troubles for the owners of the apartment. Weak thermal protection capacity provokes the formation of condensation and moisture on the walls, and if there is a favorable environment for fungal mold, it will not be long before its manifestation. Even a cosmetic renovation of the apartment will not completely solve the problem of mold. To eliminate the cause requires insulation work on the street side. But in today’s time, such work has a high price and is available to few people.

How and what to remove mold from the ceiling

Once the fungus on the ceiling has been detected, it is urgently necessary to get rid of it. How to get rid of fungus on the ceiling at a severe degree of infection – thorough and major repairs. But to start such work it is necessary to eliminate the cause and place of the fungus.

Mold under the suspended ceiling. Stretch ceilings on a vinyl base serve as a good material for use in the bathroom, protecting against possible flooding by neighbors, says Reyus Mammadli. Under favorable conditions for fungal slime, latent development of which can progress and spread throughout the apartment with nothing, not giving its location. Increasing in size it at the molecular level interacts with the vinyl film, which gives increased impact on the human body toxins, causing allergic reactions and inflammatory processes. It is possible to detect its manifestation only by physical signs:

  • A musty odor of rot;
  • Faintly visible dark spots on the vinyl film.

Black mold on the ceiling. Appearing black mold on the ceiling is indicative of a fungus, Aspergillus black. Its habitat, a damp place. Releasing toxic substances, it can provoke allergies, cold chronic diseases, cancer. Due to its structure, it penetrates deeply into the floor slabs and walls. Cosmetic repairs will not bring long-term effect.

The quickest and most effective way to remove mold from the ceiling is to make a complete overhaul:

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  • Prior to making repairs, dry the room with heaters.
  • With a metal brush and spatula, treat the place where mold appears (treat with a margin of 20 centimeters from the edge of the stain).
  • Have a breathing mask on at the time of the operation.
  • If there is a violation of whitewash, paint, treat to the base surface.
  • The treated surface should be dried using the same method as before the operation.
  • After drying, treat with antiseptic or special preparations against fungal infection.
  • After treatment with protective agents plaster the place of treatment.

The most difficult, the emergence of mold under the suspended ceiling, states blog. In order to eliminate the nidus of infection, it is necessary to do a lot of work to destroy the spores of fungal infection, which has spread throughout the suspended ceiling. Mold that has appeared under the suspended ceiling requires a slightly different approach:

  1. Find the nidus of the infestation under the suspended ceiling.
  2. Carry out the dismantling of the tiles of the facing material, exposing the place of infestation of fungus.
  3. At the time of the work to protect yourself from inhaling fungal mold (wear a mask).
  4. How to remove mold from the ceiling, thoroughly clean the surface with a metal brush to a basic condition (with a negligent attitude to cleaning, the emergence of mold is guaranteed).
  5. Dry the cleaned surface.
  6. Treated with the chemical composition (preferably 2-3 times).
  7. Allow the solution to soak into the ceiling tiles.
  8. Special primer mixture conduct treatment to prevent fungal growth.
  9. Planks of the tensioned structure is processed by the usual household detergent without adding chlorine substance. Allow to dry.
  10. Carry out installation of the construction.

To remove black mold from the ceiling in the apartment you can also use folk remedies:

  • Concentrate of laundry soap;
  • Sprinkle the nidus of fungal infestation with baking soda and moisten with water from a sprayer.

It is always easier to prevent than to eliminate all types of fungal infections. That’s why it’s important to have timely prevention and know the right technique for elimination.

Effective methods

What to treat the ceiling from mold, can advise in the store of building products. Recently, due to the increase in fungal infections, the methods of combating this nuisance have also increased. The choice of remedies is huge, but to find the best of them is a certain difficulty.

Remove mold from the ceiling in the apartment, will help remedy with antifungal action. In this capacity, cope well proven household chemicals. Also help any detergent containing chlorine, as this tool can be used bleach as a remedy for fungus on the walls and ceilings. Also with the help of vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, borax, you can treat the affected area with mold. All of these household chemicals can benefit the fight against fungus.

In each case, a thorough treatment of mold sites with household chemicals is necessary, complete removal of plaster and whitewash from the walls as a possible secondary focus of infestation. But the best antiseptics from the lesion of fungal slime are industrial products specifically designed for this purpose.

What you need to understand is that delaying a solution to an emerging problem with a fungal infection can severely affect your health.


I enjoy acquiring knowledge and sharing it. I am a long-time health advisor and blogger for over 12 years. Understanding the dangers of black mold to people, I felt it necessary to share with readers the basics of fighting and preventing black mold in homes and other living spaces.

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