What size dehumidifier do I need for a 3 bedroom house?

To select the right dehumidifier size for a three-bedroom house, you must consider a few factors. These factors include the dimensions of the rooms, the humidity level in the vicinity, and any particular moisture issues within the house. Below are some suggestions to help you choose the right size. 

Determine the area: Take measurements of each room’s square footage within the house, including bedrooms, living areas, and any other sections that require dehumidification. 

  1. To find the total volume in cubic feet of a house, you should calculate the square footage of each room and then multiply it by the height of the ceilings. Afterward, sum up the cubic footage of all the rooms to determine the overall area that requires dehumidification. 
  2. Evaluate the level of humidity: Take into account the typical humidity level in your locality. If you reside in an extremely humid area, a dehumidifier with greater effectiveness may be necessary. 
  3. When deciding on the suitable dehumidifier size for your house, it is important to consider any areas such as a basement or crawl space that are prone to having excessive moisture. 
  4. To determine the correct size of dehumidifier needed for a specific area, it is recommended to refer to the capacity charts provided by the manufacturers. These charts will provide information on the suitable size based on the total area that requires dehumidification. 
  5. Select the suitable size: Dehumidifiers are commonly measured in pints or liters per day, indicating the volume of moisture they can eliminate in a 24-hour period. As a general guideline, a 3-bedroom house typically needs a dehumidifier with a minimum capacity of 30 pints per day. 

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